Da Nang tourism can’t be compare to anywhere

Here are some evidences to prove that Da Nang is the best destination.

1. Free wifi

Da Nang is the 4th city of Vietnam making free wifi available (3 other city are Hoi An, Ha Long and Hue in turn) to improve literacy and online educational activities, promote tourism, monitor and alert environmental pollution, and manage traffic. Tourists can access internet conveniently and fast, and check in anytime and anywhere.

Da Nang tourism can’t be compare to anywhere

2. Very cheap coffee and free ice tea.

In spite of living in a young and dynamic city, Da Nang citizens still love to enjoy street coffee. Simple coffee shops with small plastic chairs neatly arranged along streets will help you to enjoy tasty coffee with free ice tea and hectic streets.

3. a lot of beautiful resorts, hotels and hostels

Da Nang tourism can’t be compare to anywhere

The most interesting thing in Da Nang is cheap resorts that just cost down to 1 million. Therefore, you can see many photos of backpacking travelers lying on pools of luxurious resorts

4. Many beautiful beaches

There are many charming beaches in the East of Da Nang that spread from Son Tra peninsula to Non Nuoc. Recently, with Marble Moutain in the South and Furama resort – the first luxury resort of Vietnam, Da Nang beaches have attracted a stable number of annual tourists. The 30km beach appeals many people who want to join in water sport activities like surfing. A spacious, airy place with the harmony of wind and sunshine will bring a perfect holiday. 

5. Culinary diversity

Da Nang is considered as a convergence of the North, Central, and South delicacies. Special dishes with various tastes and affordable prices are really attractive to tourists.
There are a lot of rustic dishes that suite Quang people’s tastes. Besides, Da Nang dishes taste sour, spicy, salty, and sweet as life aspects. If you have chance to Da Nang, you should try these famous dishes.

6. Appealing fresh seafood

Da Nang tourism can’t be compare to anywhere

What you want to do when traveling in a coastal city? Swimming, sunbathing, walking on the beach, or simply enjoying seafood? If yes, Da Nang is a great choice.

7. City of bridges

Han River Bridge, Dragon Bridge, Tran Thi Ly Bridge, Thuan Phuoc Bridge are famous bridges of Da Nang. Each bridge has its unique beauty and meaning. These bridges are symbols of Da Nang and bring not only convenient traffic, but also cultural beauty.

Da Nang tourism can’t be compare to anywhere

8. Orderly traffic congestion

If you have been to a big city like Sai Gon, you might be afraid of traffic congestion. It’s so horrible that you have to spend 30’ to 1 hour on a taxi to go slowly over a 2 to 3 km long street. Traffic jam also occurs in other big cities at rush hour.
However, in Da Nang city, traffic jam is not too bad thank to lane separation and instruction of traffic police. Therefore, it takes a little time to solve this issue.

9. Friendly and hospitable people

Da Nang tourism can’t be compare to anywhere

Da Nang has long been known as a friendly and hospitable city that impresses tourists by the friendliness, hospitality, and cooperation of everyone, from children to the older, and motorbike taxi drivers to traffic police. You will receive whole-hearted guide when asking direction, which may not find in other big city.

10. A clear city

At the 44th meeting of Asian Pacific economic Conference (APEC) held in Washington in 2012, Da Nang was honored as 1 of 20 cleanest cities of the world. Among criteria of a clean city, Da Nang emission has the lowest carbon content. Thanks to that recognition, Da Nang is striving to be a civilized and environmental friendly city.
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